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2023 Father's Day Special - Père

2023 Father's Day Special - Père

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Introducing the Father's Day Special, our irresistible chocolate coffee cake – Père. As you take your first bite, prepare to be greeted by a balanced, subtly sweet 66% Caraïbe dark chocolate mousse that melts in your mouth.

The nutty hint of tonka praline and the aromatic coffee ganache then blend in perfectly, creating a heavenly texture and flavor, while the coffee jaconde and crisp set a delightful base.

The layering includes:
Caramel chocolate glace
Valrhona Caraïbe 66% dark chocolate mousse
Tonka praline
Coffee ganache
Coffee jaconde
Coffee crisp

(Every cake includes a candle and a plastic knife.)

Click here to add on extra candle & cake topper.



7 inches, serve 6–8 pax

Our cakes are meticulously crafted by hand, resulting in slight variations in size and measurements due to the baking process and other contributing factors. However, rest assured that we consider the weight of the cake as the ultimate measurement, ensuring consistency across all our products. We are committed to delivering cakes of exceptional quality, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding and recognition of the distinctiveness inherent in our handmade creations.


Contains eggs, dairy and nuts

Our desserts are temperature-sensitive, as they are meticulously crafted with intricate layering to deliver a delightful sensory experience. They can last for 35 minutes at room temperature and up to an hour when it is below 24 degrees Celsius. Upon receiving your order, kindly refrigerating the cake at 4–10°C immediately, until you are ready to serve.
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