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At Enchante, we pride ourselves on providing the finest desserts with a unique blend of French and local flavors. Our passion for dessert is evident in every piece we create, from the flaky, buttery croissants to the decadent petit gâteaux.
Our pastry chefs are masters of their craft, using European techniques to create beautiful and delicious desserts. We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourcing locally and globally.
We believe baked goods are more than just a dessert - it's an experience. That's why we're constantly experimenting with new flavors and techniques to push the boundaries of what's possible with delicacies. We want every bite of Enchante to be a moment of pure indulgence.
  • Chef Wei Loon Tan secured the prestigious title of World Pastry Champion in 2019.

  • Enchante team, 2023

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  • Cofounder Chef WeiLoon Tan

    Production Director, Head Chef

    Chef Tan Wei Loon - A World Pastry Champion 2019 (Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie) and Asian Pastry Champion 2018 and 2014, is undeniably one of the best pastry chefs in Asia. As the Director of Pastry Studies at APCA Malaysia, he has represented the Malaysian National Team in multiple International Pastry competitions.

    He is highly skilled in modern French pastry, sugar art, airbrush techniques, chocolate displays, and praline making. Aside from competing in Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2015 and ranked 4th globally, he also coached the Malaysian National Team in Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2017 in Lyon.

    With the intent of quality over quantity, he started Enchante in 2019, introducing the finest desserts to the market. By infusing European pastry techniques into the local tastebuds, he has successfully brought up the quality benchmark of the local dessert scene.

    At Enchante, we believe in giving back to society, which is why Chef Tan travels globally to conduct workshops at various pastry academies and among professional pastry chefs globally.

  • Cofounder Nazrul Zahri

    Business Development & Marketing

    Cofounder Mohd Nazrul Zahri joined the venture with Chef Tan in 2019. With his educational background in Germany and 12 years of experience in the pastry industry, Nazrul is in charge of the business development of Enchante. Having extensive knowledge in sales and marketing, he is responsible for the daily operation and growth of the company.

    Aside from owning a trading company, he is appointed as the exclusive local distributor for a few European brands for manufacturing machines and equipment for pastries and chocolate factories.